Retail Spaces
Shmerykowsky Consulting Engineers engineered Esprit's North American flagship store from start to finish. Starting with the steel-frame base building at 21 West 34th Street and working through every last connection detail, Shmerykowsky worked hand in hand with Barteluce Architects and Esprit to achieve their vision of a retail outlet that could do justice to its prestigious 34th Street location. Conceptually, the base building was simple: a structural frame of ASTM A992 Grade 50 steel columns spaced approximately 25 feet on center in both directions and a floor construction consisting of a 2 ½ inch thick normal weight concrete slab on a 3 inch composite metal deck spanning to ASTM A992 Grade 50 composite steel beams. However, base building in a tight urban environment usually gets complicated. Read more about the Esprit base building here. 
Architect: Barteluce Architects & Associates